Updated May 10, 2019CLOSED

Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Fish

Offered by U.S. Agency for International Development

The FTF Innovation Lab for Fish (Fish Innovation Lab or FIL) has the overarching goal of alleviating poverty and improving nutrition through the reliable provision of fish as an animal protein source. To achieve this goal, the FIL will fund country-focused research and capacity building projects implemented through competitive research grants.
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CLOSEDMay 24, 2019Deadline
$200,000 - $800,000Amount

Mandatory Requirements

StageStage 1: Ideation, Stage 2: Research & Development and Stage 3: Proof of Concept
Implemented In:
RegionAfrica and Asia and Pacific
Focus AreasAquaculture (Agriculture)
Fisheries (Environment)
This competition is open to any qualified research, educational, governmental, private sector, or nonprofit institution globally that has a Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) and is registered in the System for Award Management (https://www.sam.gov/portal/SAM/). DUNS and SAM registration are not required for concept note submission.

If a submitting organization does not have a U.S. university partner at the time of submitting a concept note, the FIL ME may suggest potential U.S. university partner(s) for the submitting organization to collaborate with in the full proposal stage.

Each concept note and full proposal must specifically describe how the project will address each of the FTF-required cross-cutting themes:
1) Gender equity and youth engagement
2) Human nutrition
3) Resilience of aquaculture and fishery value chains and/or households
4) Capacity building

Other Requirements

Management TeamThere is no restriction on nationality of applicants.The FIL ME strongly encourages qualified U.S. Minority Serving Institutions to participate in responding to this competitive RFA. Qualifying institutions include, but are not limited to, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Predominantly Black Institutions, Hispanic Serving Institutions, Tribal Colleges and Universities, and Asian American, Native Alaskan, and Pacific Islander Serving Institutions.

Collaboration between at least one research agency or university in the host country and a partner university from the US is encouraged, but not required. Such partnerships will support strengthened research capacity in target countries, increased knowledge and exposure on the part of the U.S. partner, and scaling of impacts beyond the research program through broader geographical dissemination and opportunities for collaboration.
Financial StatementsThere is no mandatory level of cost sharing (matching) for this program, but the FIL encourages cost sharing as practicable.
Impact Evaluation/M&E PlanALL projects must adhere to FIL’s Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Plan, which will be made available to bidders submitting a full proposal.REQUIRED

Application Directions

All concept notes and full proposals must be submitted to https://Rfx.piestar.com/fish/. To submit, you will need to create an account and follow the detailed instructions.

Application And Awards Process

Important dates

Deadline for submission of written questions: May 3, 2019
Posting of responses to written questions: May 10, 2019
Deadline for submission of concept notes: May 24, 2019
Invitations for full proposals: June 7, 2019
Informational webinar for invited full proposal teams: June 14, 2019
Deadline for submission of invited full proposals: July 24, 2019
Award notifications: September 15, 2019


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