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Famae Water Challenge

Offered by Famae

Design a simple and innovative product or service to preserve water, make it cleaner and accessible to everyone, all over the world.
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Grant, Loan, EquityType
CLOSEDFeb 15, 2019Deadline
€15,000 - €1,000,000Amount

Mandatory Requirements

StageStage 1: Ideation, Stage 2: Research & Development, Stage 3: Proof of Concept and Stage 4: Transition to Scale
Implemented in:
RegionLow and Middle Income Countries
Focus AreasWater Management (Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH))
Water Supply/Quality (Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH))
For all:
-Students, researchers, professors
-Small and Medium Sized Companies, startups

The Project mayadress all types of issues related to water: improved access, quality / cleanliness, sanitation, grey / black water treatment, fightinh scarcity, better use / consumption of water, fighting water pollution, sustainable textile or cosmetics to reduce water drain … Issues related to water-related catastrophic event (i.e tsunami, floods …) are excluded from the Competition. However, if a Candidate applies with an innovative approach to adress these issues, then the Jury and the Sponsor may be willing to review it.

Application Directions

Submit your proposal and application online
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