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Expo Live Innovation Impact Grant Programme

as part of Expo 2020 Dubai UAE

Expo Live funds, accelerates, and promotes creative solutions with positive impact on our lives and the planet.Expo’s three sub-themes, Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability, are focus areas for funding.
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CLOSEDSep 15, 2019Deadline
Up to $100,000Amount

Mandatory Requirements

StageStage 3: Proof of Concept, Stage 4: Transition to Scale, Stage 5: Scaling and Stage 6: Sustained Scale
Implemented In:
RegionLow and Middle Income Countries
Focus AreasAll Sectors
Expo’s three sub-themes, Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability, are focus areas for funding.

Eligibility criteria:
- Startups, enterprises
- Social, environmental, or humanitarian impact
- Prototype level or beyond
- Innovative solution
- Any sector, any country
- Legally registered entities

Eligible applicants are legally registered entities such as social entrepreneurs, SMEs, not-for-profit organizations and government-related entities.
In the case of individual innovators applying got grants, they must have a legally registered entity

The applicant may act individually or with co-applicants. Co-applicants must satisfy the same eligibility criteria as the applicant

While the opportunity is open to all countries, Expo Live specifically welcomes applications from the following countries:
China, Fiji, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia,Nauru, Palau, Papua New Guinea Samoa, Solomon Islands Tonga, Tuvalu Vanuatu, Tunisia Algeria

Other Requirements

Target Beneficiaries
Projects related to youth empowerment and/or initiated by youth are encouraged to participate through their institutional affiliations (e.g. community-based organizations)
Reporting Requirements
Grantees have a contractual obligation to report on their projects at regular intervals. These intervals will be stipulated in grant agreements and will be based on the nature and duration of the project, as well as the grant amount. Reports should highlight the progress and achievements of the project (through narrative reporting and visual/multimedia materials), as well as financial information.

The final report should contain a publishable summary, as well as digital images that Expo Live could use for publicity and marketing purposes.

Application Directions

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