Updated Apr 01, 2019CLOSED

European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights - Country Based Support Scheme (EIDHR-CBSS): INDIA

Offered by European Commission

This Call for applicationsalso takes into account the analyses and priorities set by the EU Human Rights and Democracy Country Strategy for India: (i) Defending the Integrity of the person (ii) Combating Discrimination and Inequality (iii) Promoting Gender equality (iv) Promoting children's rights (v) Supporting domestic institutional and individual Human Rights Defenders rights.The global objective of this Call for proposals is to support civil society initiatives aimed at promoting equality before the law and equal access to justice, for poor and vulnerable groups, facing violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

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CLOSEDApr 23, 2019Deadline
$500,000 - $750,000Amount

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented in:
Focus AreasRule of Law and Human Rights (Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance)
Gender Equity (Gender)
The specific objectives of this Call are:
· To defend and promote the rights of vulnerable groups such as women, persons with disability, and gender-religion-caste-ethnicity based minorities, through improved and equitable access to justice;
· To strengthen the criminal justice system[18] to make it more equitable, effective, accessible and accountable

All civil society organisations - whether lead applicant or co-applicant(s) - must comply with respective national legislation/s applicable to non-profit organisations, including registration and reporting requirements. Indian entities must have a valid FCRA registration at the time of application as well as when contracting and

When the project proposal includes one or multiple co-applicant(s) based inside and outside India, the Lead Applicant needs to ensure that, if the action requires, it can transfer funds to the co-applicants based in the country or abroad, as relevant for the action, and this as per the applicable national rules and legislation; i.e. Indian lead applicants and co-applicants need to comply with the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act 2010, Foreign Exchange and Management Act etc. The lead applicant should not be in any legal situation, where it cannot transfer funds to its project partners or would need prior approval to do so

Application Directions

Please follow steps in attached materials.


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