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Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund (EDTF) First Call for Project Proposals

The primary objective of the EDTF is to improve the lives of poor and disadvantaged people of Ethiopia through people-focused, innovative and result-oriented social and economic development projects. The Fund aims to finance projects that meet critical needs selected based on their potential to make the highest positive impact on the lives of disadvantaged groups and communities.EDTF’s funding will focus on the following priority issues:
▪ Improving access to and quality of health services
▪ Improving access to and quality of education
▪ Improving access to clean water and sanitation facilities
▪ Habilitation and rehabilitation of persons with disability
▪ Improving agricultural productivity and expanding agri-business
▪ Supporting and nurturing innovation and expansion of technologies that will improve
productivity, create jobs and facilitate youths’ engagement in entrepreneurial activities
▪ Small scale entrepreneurship and other income and employment generating projects that
create opportunities for women and youth.
▪ Projects that cater to the reestablishment of Internally Displaced People (IDP)
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CLOSEDSep 16, 2019Deadline
$200,000 - $350,000Amount

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented In:
Focus AreasDiaspora
Economic Growth and Trade
Applicants must comply with the following requirements:
▪ Applicants should be entities legally incorporated in Ethiopia.
▪ Local nongovernmental organizations (LNGOs), civil society organizations (CSOs),
federal, regional and local government entities can apply for an EDTF grant.
▪ Consortiums of non-governmental NGOs and associations that are direct implementers of
projects on the ground can apply for an EDTF grant.
▪ Private sector organizations incorporated under the Ethiopian law and investing in
programs that will bring positive social impact are eligible for an EDTF grant.
▪ The applicant institution should have a bank account in Ethiopia opened in its name.
▪ The applicant institution should have a well-established office furnished with necessary
equipment and facilities.

Proposed projects should be addressing one or more of the priority areas set by EDTF listed in
section 3 of this guideline. Projects proposed within the scope of the EDTF priority areas may
include but are not limited to:
▪ Developing infrastructure for delivery of services
▪ Development and application of technologies tools, mechanisms, systems, methodologies
that will enhance service provision
▪ Capacity building and skills development interventions
▪ Scaling up of existing and innovative initiatives focused on identified priority areas
▪ Production, collection and dissemination of knowledge

Application Directions

Applications can be submitted via e-mail, by registered mail, private courier service or by hand
delivery. If the applicant is submitting more than one application each application must be submitted separately following the procedures specified below in the attachments.


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