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Ecosystem-Based Adaptation in the Western Indian Ocean

The Blue Action Fund is pleased to announce a new open call for grant proposals focussing on ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA) to climate change in the Western Indian Ocean. This is a new funding window which provides individual grants to selected NGOs for projects in developing countries that support coastal and marine EbA and sustainable livelihoods.

The Blue Action Fund therefore focuses on projects that result in measurable outcomes, including:
1. Newly established or better managed MPAs of regional importance or networks of MPAs;
2. Conservation of biodiversity and recovery of fish stocks;
3. Enhanced livelihood conditions and food security.
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CLOSEDMay 24, 2020Deadline
Up to €100,000Amount

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented In:
CountryMozambique, Tanzania, South Africa and Madagascar
Focus AreasClimate Change and Resilience (Environment)
What: projects that…
have an integrated approach and contribute to marine protection as well as sustainable livelihoods;
support areas with significant biodiversity, such as Ecologically or Biologically Significant Marine
Areas (EBSAs), Hope Spots or other internationally recognised classification systems for marine biodiversity;
are realised in an area (including buffer zones) that is recognized as an MPA (including through
community designation and management) or has the potential to get formal recognition as an
MPA during the lifetime of the project;
contribute to the Blue Action Fund Programme Results Matrix set forth in Annex 1;
contribute to fulfilling SDG 14 and Aichi target 11;
are embedded into regional planning processes, such as regional sea conventions, therefore
having an impact on MPA networks or promoting regional approaches; and
fulfil additional call-specific criteria and priorities announced with each call for proposals.

How: projects that…
are located in the marine waters (territorial waters and/or exclusive economic zones) of countries eligible to receive official development assistance (ODA);
show a quick impact (within the project cycle);
include a component to establish long-term financing mechanisms that support MPA management beyond the duration of the project itself, or foresee strong cooperation with existing financing mechanisms that can provide such support;
contribute to capacity building of local NGOs and communities;
are tested and scalable;
include significant field investments (for sustainable livelihoods and infrastructure);
demonstrate cooperation with relevant governmental organisations and civil society;2
contemplate a Blue Action Fund contribution of EUR 1–3 million depending on the call (which
may allow bigger project volumes);
usually have a duration of three to five years; and
demonstrate a sound implementation concept.

Who: NGOs that…
have experience in the region and with the project type proposed;
are willing to cooperate with local partners;
have sufficient implementing capacity, necessary safeguards, especially with regard to Environmental and Social Safeguard Requirements (see Annex 3), and networks to allow for
professional and timely project implementation;
have a sufficiently large annual budget (the budget of the NGO proponent should be about twice
the proposed annual project budget or more); and
are willing to fund at least 25%4
of the total project costs (“match funding”), including funds from
their own resources (“own contribution”)5
and co-financing; co-financing can be sourced from
other public donors, but may not include any resources from the funders of the Blue Action

Blue Action Fund welcomes applications from consortia of NGOs that demonstrate clearly the task sharing and synergies between the applicants. Consortia have to submit a signed letter of intent of collaboration that designates the Consortium lead which assumes full responsibility for the project implementation. It will be a positive consideration when evaluating a proposal if it contains clearly defined investment packages for Blue Action Fund and for other donors’ funding.

Application Directions

Complete the attached concept note template and submit it.


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