Digital Financial Services ICT/MIS Review for Le Levier and its Members (SOW)

Detailed Description of Tasks to be Performed: 

It is anticipated this assignment will comprise desk research and preparation, a 14 day trip to Haiti, as well as analysis and report drafting post-trip. Specifically, the consultant will:
 Engage with Le Levier and select member caisses to understand their products and services and how their MIS and ICT systems support or hinder current operations and service delivery
 Engage with Le Levier and select member caisses to understand their future product and service goals and plans, particularly those related to DFS/mobile money
 Review and analyze the specific MIS/ICT systems currently in use – hardware, software, policies/procedures, functionality vs. uses, etc.
 Understand the DFS/mobile money landscape and the likely use-cases/scenarios that are best fit for Le Levier, CEC, and their members
 Identify and assess options to strengthen, update, or completely re-engineer MIS/ICT systems, including costs, benefits, trade-offs, etc to be in line with planned and future product and service expansion initiatives, particularly those related to DFS. 
 Present options to Le Levier and CEC members and provide cost/benefit and trade-off analysis and seek consensus on optimal path forward (considering timing, cost, added value, autonomy etc.)
 Develop a suggested implementation strategy, including the potential drafting of an RfP for the procurement of additional services, software, hardware, etc.  

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November 6th, 2017

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