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Cultural Affairs – Youth Outreach and Sports Diplomacy

Offered by U.S. Department of State

The Cultural Affairs Office (CAO) in the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy Islamabad of the U.S. Department of State (hereafter referred to as “CAO Islamabad”) is pleased to announce a call for proposals under an open competition for assistance awards through this Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO), contingent on funding availability, through the Public Diplomacy Grants Program. The projects set forth in this NOFO support the empowerment of Pakistani youth through sports and education, helping to develop the confidence crucial to their academic and professional success. CAO Islamabad’s purpose in funding projects under this opportunity is to enable civil society, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions to implement projects to help underserved youth across Pakistan develop important leadership skills, prepare them for success in the work place, promote tolerance and respect for diversity, and positively contribute to their communities and the environment.
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CLOSEDMay 17, 2019Deadline
$325,000 - $850,000Amount

Mandatory Requirements

StageStage 4: Transition to Scale and Stage 5: Scaling
Implemented In:
CountryAfghanistan and Pakistan
Focus AreasYouth
Extracurricular or Out-of School Activities (Education)
All U.S. and Pakistani registered non-profit, non-governmental organizations, U.S. and Pakistani universities, and U.S. local and state governments with relevant programming experience, are eligible to apply. This experience should be documented in the organization’s proposal. Organizations must provide proof of registration and non-profit status with their proposal application. U.S.-based organizations should submit a copy of their IRS determination letter. Pakistan-based organizations should submit a copy of their certificate of registration from the appropriate government organization.

This opportunity supports CAO Islamabad’s initiatives in the following project areas:
1. English-Language Book Clubs across Borders – Pakistan/Afghanistan
2. Nation-wide Youth Sport Camps
3. Fostering Youth Civic Leadership
4. Promoting Digital Literacy and Citizenship

Preference will be given to proposals that include target audiences outside the urban centers of Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, and Peshawar. Proposals that engage partners in India and/or Afghanistan will be reviewed favorably.

Other Requirements

Target BeneficiariesMarginalized Pakistani youth
Financial StatementsRecipients are required to submit quarterly (calendar year) program progress and financial reports throughout the project period. Progress and financial reports are due 30 days after the reporting period.REQUIRED
Impact Evaluation/M&E Plan
Proposals should include a methodology to survey beneficiaries before and after activities occur to measure quantitative and qualitative progress. Proposals should also incorporate post-grant activities to ensure grant participants form a professional network or otherwise incentivize participants to stay in touch with each other after the end of the grant period.Applicants should include a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) workbook in their proposal; see attachment for further details.
Reporting Requirements
Recipients are required to submit quarterly (calendar year) program progress and financial reports throughout the project period. Progress and financial reports are due 30 days after the reporting period. Final certified programmatic and financial reports are due 90 days after the close of the project period. First Quarter (January 1 – March 31): Report due by April 30 Second Quarter (April 1 – June 30): Report due by July 30 Third Quarter (July 1 – September 30): Report due by October 30 Page 22 of 22 Fourth Quarter (October 1 – December 31): Report due by January 30.
The Public Affairs Section will not support the following activities or expenses under this funding opportunity: the purchase of space or buildings in support of program activities; development projects; construction projects; individual travel to conferences; scholarships to support educational opportunities or study for individuals*; completion of activities begun with other funds; fundraising or fund development projects; projects that are inherently political in nature or that contain the appearance of partisanship/support to an individual or single party in electoral campaigns; political party or lobbying activities in support of political parties; projects that support specific religious activities; cash prizes for competitions.
Four (4) different projects are described in this NOFO. Organizations may submit a proposal for each project, but no more than one proposal per project. Any organization that submits more than one proposal per project will be considered ineligible for funding.

In order to be eligible to receive an award, all organizations must have a Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number from Dun & Bradstreet. See attachment for more information.

Previous federal award recipients who are not/were not in compliance with the terms of their financial and program reporting requirements are ineligible to apply.

Application And Awards Process

Organizations may submit multiple proposals, but only one (1) proposal per each of the four (4) projects outlined below. Applicants MUST submit a separate Applicant Summary Coversheet for each application that clearly indicates under which project the application is submitted.


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