We seek life-saving or life-improving innovations to help the most vulnerable andhardest-to-reach people impacted by humanitarian crises caused by conflict. Theseinnovations will involve a connection to the private sector and input from people affectedby humanitarian crisis in order to provide safe drinking water, sanitation, energy, lifesaving information, or health supplies and services to help conflict-affected people.
The Humanitarian Grand Challenge is focused on addressing the most acute needs inconflict-affected areas that have the potential to be solved by innovation in one or moreof the following four areas: (1) safe water and sanitation; (2) energy; (3) life-savinginformation; and/or (4) health supplies and services. Innovations must enable localsolutions, serve local needs and delivery gaps, overcome common delivery barriers inconflict settings, or improve on the timeliness and cost efficiency of current humanitarian
delivery methods. We also welcome innovations that help to maintain services andinfrastructure, avoiding further deterioration.
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CLOSEDJul 16, 2019Deadline
Up to $250,000Amount

Mandatory Requirements

StageStage 3: Proof of Concept and Stage 4: Transition to Scale
Implemented in:
RegionLow and Middle Income Countries
Focus AreasEnergy
Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
Health Systems (Health)
Conflict Response (Humanitarian Assistance)
Proposed innovations should clearly describe the problem they have identified, theunderlying causes of the specific problem, and how the identified innovation will addressone or more of the causes. Innovations in processes or approaches (e.g. adapting aprivate sector approach to the humanitarian context) are particularly welcome.
1. Eligible applicants include social enterprises and other recognized institutions (e.g.,non-profit organizations and for-profit companies) that are formed and legallyincorporated, that can successfully execute the activities in their respective technicalarea, and that are capable of receiving and administering grant funding. Soleproprietorships are not eligible for funding. In our past experience, we have found thatmultilateral organizations such as the UN are typically unable to agree to the terms andconditions of our funding agreements. We highly recommend that these organizationsinstead apply through a local eligible partner organization. Staff from the UN office could
act as collaborators on the project.
2. A project can have only one Project Lead, who must be affiliated with the institutionfrom which the proposal is being submitted.
3. A Project Lead may only be listed on one (1) application to this Request for
Proposals. An institution may be the applicant on multiple applications, provided allapplications have different Project Leads.
4. Applications must include all required information. Only complete applications will beconsidered by the Review Committee.
5. The Humanitarian Grand Challenge partners may, at any time and at their solediscretion, modify eligibility criteria with respect to individual applicants, Project Leadsand/or eligible countries, to the extent that such modifications do not materiallyundermine the review process.

Other Requirements

Target Beneficiaries
We encourage innovations that focus on the needs of women and girls, and peoplewho are socially marginalized because of their gender, sex, sexuality, religion, age orincome, as well as people with disabilities, minorities and people who are stateless.We support innovations that strengthen local institutions, civil society organisations,and service suppliers.
Potential for Scale
Proposals should convincingly describe how their projects will eventually reach scale and be sustained. Innovators should use seed funding to test paths to scale and sustainability, and must have a robust plan and proven concept in order to receive transition-to-scale funding.
Reporting Requirements
Innovators funded under this program will be expected to engage in the followingactivities and provide the specific deliverables listed below, in order to demonstrateproject progress and success:
1. Performance reporting focused on utilization of funds and outcomes achieved. Thefrequency of reporting will be every three or six months, depending on our assessmentof project and institutional risk.
2. Dissemination of knowledge in a timely manner, including through social media, openaccess publications, depositing of data with individual identities protected into publiclyaccessible repositories, press releases, conferences, stakeholder engagement, etc.Acknowledgement of the Humanitarian Grand Challenge partners will be required.
3. A final report that accounts for financial expenditures and that captures a clearassessment of the impact of the project. Please note that a 5% hold back of funds willbe applied to all funding under this program, to be released to innovators uponsubmission of a satisfactory final report and full justification of costs.
4. Continued post-grant updates on impact, global access, data access and
management of intellectual property rights in supported innovations.
1. Approaches that utilize security-related surveillance, weapons, force or
similar technologies.
2. Discovery science, merely capacity-building initiatives, ongoing programmatic funding or infrastructure development.
3. Projects that involve establishing proof of concept of innovations for which thecore intellectual property rights are owned by a third-party institution, unlesseither: (a) the third-party institution has granted the applicant sufficient licenserights to the innovation to permit eventual scaling in relevant countries, or (b)the third-party institution is willing to sign an undertaking to Grand ChallengesCanada committing to comply with Grand Challenges Canada’s GlobalAccess Policy

Application Directions

There are two distinct submission streams: one for seed and one for Transition To Scale3 . Both Seed and Transition To Scale applications MUST BE submitted through Grand Challenges Canada’s Community Portal (gcc.fluxx.io).There are two distinct submission streams: one for seed and one for Transition To Scale.
Both Seed and Transition To Scale applications MUST BE submitted through GrandChallenges Canada’s Community Portal (gcc.fluxx.io).


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