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COVID-19 Research Consortium

To support the preparedness, readiness and response for COVID-19, project proposals are being solicited for developing Diagnostics, Vaccines, Novel Therapeutics, Repurposing of Drugs or any other intervention for control of COVID-19 by Industry/Academia/ Industry-Academia participation.

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CLOSEDMar 30, 2020Deadline
Up To 24 Months Duration(Months)

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented In:
Focus AreasInfectious & Vector Diseases (Health)

The proposals can be submitted by:

a. Company (Start-up, Small, Medium or Large) incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013having a minimum of 51% of the shares of the Company to be held by Indian Citizens (Indianpassport holders).

b. Limited liability Partnership (LLP) incorporated under the Limited Liability Partnership Act,2008 having a minimum half of the persons who have subscribed their names to the LLPdocument as its Partners should be Indian citizens

(NOTE: The applicant Company/LLP should have adequate in-house facility to address theproject implementation (which shall be evaluated during the proposal evaluation) orincubated with any of the recognized incubation facility. DSIR certificate is not mandatory).

c. Academia (Public or Private Research Institute, University) having a well-established supportsystem for research. The institute should have been established in India and have NAAC/UGC/ AICTE or any equivalent recognition certificate or any other Public/Governmentsupported organization

d. Non-academic Individuals (NAI)

Other Requirements

Reporting Requirements

i. On Successful completion of each Milestone, the applicant will be required to submit a detailed Milestone Completion Report (MCR) as per prescribed format.

ii. The MCR will be assessed by the PMC for its completion. On recommendation of the PMC,the next Milestone budget is released.

iii. The Applicant will have to submit a duly certified Statement of Expenditure for the every30th September and 31st March.

iv. Format for Milestone Completion Report (MCR), Utilization Certificate and Statement ofExpenditure will be made available as per requirement.

Other: The projects shall be monitored/and mentored regularly by an Expert Committee constituted by BIRAC for each project. Site visits shall be conducted by specially constituted Expert Committees comprising two to three Technical experts and one financial expert.

Application Directions

Proposals in the form of Letter of Intent are required to be submitted online only. Online proposal submission can be done by registered users.


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