Updated May 24, 2018CLOSED

Con X Tech Prize: Hacking Extinction

Offered by Conservation X Labs

Conservation X Labs (CXL) is seeking novel and transformative tools to conserve the world’s biodiversity and end human-induced species extinctions. We want to put these tools in the hands of natural resource managers and conservation agents around the world. We will support ideas that help decision-makers, consumers, and policy makers understand and act on conservation problems.
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CLOSEDJun 30, 2018Deadline
$3,500 - $20,000Amount
Criteria: LabelCriteria: DescriptionAmount Per Prize
Competition StageFirst Round Winners$3,500
Competition StageSecond Round Winners$20,000

Mandatory Requirements

StageStage 1: Ideation and Stage 2: Research & Development
Implemented in:
RegionLow and Middle Income Countries
Focus AreasEnvironment and Technology
We welcome hardware and software submissions, as well as any impactful solution idea that is enabled by technology and helps achieve a conservation outcome.

Other Requirements

Potential for ScaleCXL believes strongest solutions and project teams will draw from a handful of disciplines (e.g., behavioral sciences, engineering, computer science, molecular science, economics) and consider the impact, sustainability (financial and environmental) and scalability of their solution from the very beginning.

Application Directions

Submit your application through the CXL Digital Maker space portal.To enter, Participants (“Participants,” or in the singular, “Participant”) must submit a project application on the Digital Makerspace, create a project profile that is shared and viewable by other members (registered users of the Digital Makerspace), and agree to the grant competition Official Rules when submitting their project to the Con X Tech Prize. An initial description and design (image, drawing, or computer aided design) of your proposed tech solution and answers to all application questions are required for submission. Teams who already have working prototypes of their ideas are not eligible to apply, though those who want to make substantial modifications to existing prototypes or product pivots are eligible.
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