Updated Dec 23, 2020CLOSED

Commonwealth Peace & Reconciliation Challenge Grants

The Commonwealth Peace and Reconciliation Challenge Grants are awarded to ACU members to support initiatives advancing peace, reconciliation, and indigenous knowledge. Aimed at academic and professional staff, the grants support collaborative work focused on either of the two main strategic priorities of the Commonwealth Peace and Reconciliation Network:

- Historical memory and trauma

- Institutional reform/indigenous knowledge

The grants can be used for a diverse range of projects, workshops and events in areas such as:

- Virtual exchange or collaboration, teaching / professional practice collaboration, sharing and co-development of learning materials, tools, training and approaches to support contingency and continuity of operations planning at Higher Education Institutions.

- Virtual fellowships or collaboration, comparative analyses, research management and uptake capacity building, understanding and documenting indigenous knowledge and practices.
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CLOSEDJan 15, 2021Deadline
Up to $3,341Amount
6-12 MonthsDuration(Months)

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented In:
CountryGuyana, Dominica, Belize, Barbados, Bahamas, The, Antigua and Barbuda, Ghana, Gambia, The, Fiji, Cyprus, Canada, Cameroon, Brunei, Botswana, Bangladesh, Australia, Grenada, Samoa, Saint Lucia, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Papua New Guinea, Nauru, Mauritius, Malawi, Kiribati, Rwanda, Nigeria, New Zealand, Namibia, Mozambique, Malta, Malaysia, Lesotho, Kenya, Jamaica, India, Tuvalu, Trinidad and Tobago, Solomon Islands, Seychelles, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, United Kingdom, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Vanuatu, Tanzania, Swaziland, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Singapore, Sierra Leone, Tonga and Pakistan
Focus AreasPeace and Resilience (Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance)

Other Requirements

Reporting RequirementsGrantees are required to submit a short interim report halfway through their project and a comprehensive final report within one month after completing their project. Additionally, any outputs (e.g. toolkits, papers etc.) developed through the grants are to be made available to the Commonwealth Peace and Reconciliation Network and wider ACU network. REQUIRED

Application Directions

Interested applicants can submit their applications through the online form.
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