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Civil Society Support Programme Phase II

Offered by Department for International Development

The Programme will start quickly to providegrantsto address the needs of hard to reach people themed around the 6 strategic issues identified under CSSP 1, which are;

- increasing voice and access to services of disadvantaged people in rural and remote areas;
-increasing access toeducationfor girls in rural communities by increasing protection from violence;
-increasing voice and access tolivelihoodservices for pastoralwomen;
-reintegration of women prisoners and theirchildreninto society;
-increasing awareness about people (users and families) affected by chat abuse and the services available to support them;
-Increasing the voice of adults and children affected by special learning needs and mental ill-healthand improving the services available to them.
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CLOSEDJan 08, 2018Deadline

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented in:
Focus AreasDemocracy, Human Rights, and Governance

Other Requirements

Target BeneficiariesThe beneficiaries of this programme willbe communities in Ethiopia, especially the poorest and hardest to reach.
Planned Usage of FundsThe overall objective of this 3 year programme is to increase trust between government and civil society to deliver enhanced state accountability and responsiveness, resulting in better quality public services. To deliver this a contracted service provider will: allocate grants to meet the needs of hard to reach people, provide technical support to build civil society organisational capacity and facilitate collaborative relationships with Government.The supplier will be expected to support civil society organisations all over Ethiopia. It will be required to establish at least 4 regional offices outside Addis Ababa.

The supplier will be directly responsible for the delivery of two main programme components of CSSP II: Part I. Competitive grant windows for CSOs with an aspect of strategic direction: Building on the work of CSSP I, the supplier for CSSP II will deliver rigorous and efficient fund management, assessing grant applications from civil society organisations, and administering the funds to successful applicants. Grant for CSOs will have more aspect of strategic direction but will retain flexible windows to respond to opportunities. Fewer grants, with longer duration, will be distributed than in the first phase (more than700) and will focus on CSOs which have a track record of success.
OtherThe supplier will be expected to support civil society organisations to: Strengthen skills and confidence for collaboration with government: This support will focus at the regional and sub-regional levels, but over time aim to link to the national level. Skills will include: relationship building; networking; policy analysis and influencing. Build organisational capacity: project cycle management, leadership, financial management and internal governance will be priorities. A coordination plan should be agreed with other capacity building programmes in Ethiopia to ensure best value for money. The focus will not limited to CSSP grantees, and Ethiopian Charitiesand Societies should be prioritised. Build self-financing capabilities: a donor exit strategy is critical to any development intervention, but the legal context for supporting CSOs in Ethiopia means that it is more imperative.

Application Directions

Moira McLean (Procurement )
Phone843 3734
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