Updated Aug 30, 2019CLOSED

Call for Transformation Accelerating Grants

Offered by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and Swiss National Science Foundation

Transformation accelerating grants (TAGs)focus on co-creation, social learning, technology transfer and transformative actions with the ultimate aim to accelerate transformation towards sustainable development and reduce poverty in countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America.
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CLOSEDOct 18, 2019Deadline
Up to $100,996Amount

Mandatory Requirements

StageStage 2: Research & Development
Implemented In:
RegionAfrica, Asia and Pacific and Latin America / Caribbean
Focus AreasAll Sectors and Technology
Only teams composed of one main applicant and at least one project partner are eligible to apply
for a Transformation accelerating grant (TAG).
• The main applicant is a researcher based at a Swiss research institution who is/was
involved in the respective r4d project as PI or Co-PI.
• At least one project partner is a non-academic person (i.e. working at a government agency,
a NGO, a think tank, or in the private sector) and provides substantial conceptual as well
as practical input for the implementation of the project in the respective country.
• In principle, at least one project partner must be based at an institution in the global South
(i.e. in a partner country of the r4d programme). Exceptions are possible and have to be
• Further non-academic and academic project partners from any r4d partner country
(including Switzerland) can be part of the applying team.

Other Requirements

Planned Usage of FundsTAGs can be used for a validation/implementation study, a policy dialogue, creation of a spin-off or start-up, for training courses or material, cultural initiatives, small scale improvements in infrastructure and technology or other specific activities designed to accelerate research-based transformation in partner countries or on an international scale. Should a specific activity be implemented in Switzerland, this cannot include intervention with a political or lobbyist intention. The proposal has to explain clearly how the planned activity has emerged during the course of the r4d project and why it was not included in the original project’s application and communication plan and budget.
Reporting RequirementsAt the end of a TAG project, the team has to prepare a results-oriented report and output data as well as a financial report to be submitted in mySNF. Output data can be filled in mySNF during the course of the project and have to be provided until 3 years after the end of a project. For any publication of TAG results and for outreach activities, the r4d programme, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and the Swiss National Science Foundation as donors have to be mentioned
OtherNot covered by TAGs are research and application/communication activities already covered by an r4d project or by an r4d synthesis project. Applications from a running r4d project have to show that the use of the respective communication budget is on track with the initial plan.

Application Directions

Proposals must be submitted online


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