Updated Apr 12, 2019CLOSED

Call for Proposals Accountability Fund

Offered by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of the Netherlands

The objectives of the Accountability Fund are to strengthen the role and position of local civil society organisations in their work to lobby and advocate to give a voice to those that have been the least involved in the developments in a country.
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CLOSEDApr 21, 2019Deadline
Up to €100,000Amount

Mandatory Requirements

Created inVietnam
Implemented in:
Focus AreasLand Tenure (Economic Growth and Trade)
Natural Resources (Environment)
Policy and Regulation
Citizen Participation (Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance)
Biodiversity (Environment)

Organizations applying for funding for this Call for Proposals for the Accountability Fund in Vietnam must ensure that their proposals comply with the following baseline criteria:

  • The Accountability Fund is meant for local non-profit CSOs, although collaboration with Dutch CSOs is possible.

  • Only local CSOs are eligible to apply. Ensuring local ownership and legitimacy is important.

  • The project is specifically aimed at strengthening local CSOs, representing groups that are hard to reach and/or are marginalized. Especially those who are engaged with the strengthening of minority groups and development in the rural areas are given priority.

  • The proposed activities must aim to strengthen the lobbying and advocacy capacity of local CSOs. The fund cannot be used to finance service delivery activities.

  • This call for proposals for the Accountability Fund in Vietnam has the following thematic priorities: strengthening the lobbying and advocacy capacity of local CSOs in Vietnam on …

    • Natural resource rights; especially land rights and the right to water.

    • Responsible Business Conduct with a particular eye for environmental protection and biodiversity and/or the fight again corruption.

    • Freedom of expression – both online and offline; with a focus on especially political participation (particularly of women and youth) and independent and critical-constructive media.

Application Directions

Only applications that use the application format will be considered. Applications must be send to the following e-mail address: han-pcz@minbuza.nl, attn. Second Secretary.


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