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Call for joint proposals for nutrition institutional collaboration projects in Egypt

The aim of this project is to strengthen education and research in Food and Nutrition Security (FNS).
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CLOSEDSep 16, 2019Deadline
Up to €750,000Amount

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented In:
Focus AreasNutrition (Health)
Food Safety and Standards (Agriculture)
Grant applications and applicants have to meet the following minimum criteria to be eligible
for a grant:
1. The grant application must be submitted by a Dutch institution for secondary vocational
or higher vocational or academic education, or a knowledge institution or organisation
in a Country A (see countries on the map that are marked red), potentially on behalf of

2 A consortium member (Country A or Dutch consortium) can participate in various proposals for the same call. The
lead partner of the consortium that is not the applicant can also be involved in various applications for the same call.
Call document - Institutional Collaboration Projects – OKP - version 3.2 8/11
their consortia. The project must be a collaboration between a Dutch and a country A
partner, potentially on behalf of their consortia. All country A partners have to be based
in the country/countries specified in the call. Only the Dutch lead partner has to be
based in the Netherlands.
2. The grant applicant is in a position to provide adequate financial management and,
due to its experience and expertise in relation to activities similar to those for which the
grant is being requested, can guarantee the targeted and effective performance of the
activities to achieve the impact and outcomes as defined in the application; the
applicant must submit data in the form of a COCA3 to enable its capacities to be
3. The grant applicant can function and operate appropriately within the legislation passed
by the government in the country or countries in question.
4. The project proposal has a minimum duration of one year and a maximum duration of
four years, and must be implemented and established by no later than 31 December
5. The grant applied for does not exceed the maximum amount specified in the call for
grant applications.
6. Any required co-funding is guaranteed.
7. The grant application meets any specific financial requirements set out in the call.
8. The grant application must be in the compulsory format and meet all criteria and
requirements stated in this document.
9. The grant application is in line with the CPI of the country concerned.

Application Directions

All applications must be - Must be submitted in a searchable PDF (including all the annexes) and a budget in excel via email.


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