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Call for innovative and multi-actors based proposals – PISCCA 2020

The Embassy of France in Myanmar launches a call for proposals through its PISCCA fund. The 2020 PISCCA aims at supporting Myanmar civil society organizations (CSOs) in order to enhance their role in the ongoing process of democratic transition in the country.
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CLOSEDFeb 16, 2020Deadline
€15,000 - €40,000Amount

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented In:
Focus AreasDemocracy, Human Rights, and Governance
The call is open for innovative and multi-actors based proposals in the following areas:
• Promoting a community-based, sustainable and inclusive development: fighting against inequalities and exclusion. A preference will be given to initiatives piloting intercommunal dialogue, social cohesion, fight against hate speech, peace efforts, fight against extreme poverty, access to basic services (health, including reproductive and sexual health, education, water, sanitation, waste, energy,…).
• Fighting against discrimination, violence and human rights abuses. A particular focus will be given to projects addressing gender equality, gender-based violence, and all forms of discrimination against minority groups and/or usually ignored or marginalized (persons with disabilities, persons living with HIV/AIDS, LGBTI community).
• Promoting an open and participatory society. Attention will be given to cultural, innovation and communication stakeholders with programs aiming at improving access to culture, promoting creativity, including through digital technologies and virtual reality, especially for youth. Initiatives linked to preservation and promotion of cultural heritage can also be supported.

For all of these broad areas, a particular attention will be given to the inclusiveness of the proposed interventions. All proposals should include a reference to gender and an analysis of how gender concerns will be taken into account in the proposed intervention. When relevant, all proposals should address the needs of specific vulnerable or marginalized groups. The Embassy of France also encourages projects having the potential to forge partnerships with other stakeholders which could be other civil society organisations or networks, the private sector, the local public authorities and / or other donors.

Application Directions

The concept notes should be sent to: Mrs Laetitia Hoarau (laetitia.hoarau@diplomatie.gouv.fr); and Mr Philippe Devaud (philippe1.devaud@diplomatie.gouv.fr).


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