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Call for Climate & Clean Energy Projects in the Caribbean and Central America

Do you have a great climate change adaptation or clean energy project, but have you had difficulty attracting investment? PFAN can help!
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CLOSEDDec 15, 2019Deadline
From $1,000,000Amount

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented In:
RegionLatin America / Caribbean
Focus AreasClimate Change and Resilience (Environment)
PFAN accepts applications for projects in low- and middle-income countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Pacific Islands, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Central America and Caribbean Islands (see below for a full list of eligible countries).

To be eligible for PFAN support, your project or business must provide climate change adaptation benefits, or offer or use clean energy technologies, products or services, including, but not limited to, the activity areas below. PFAN is technology neutral, which means we do not prefer any technology over any other.

Proposals should demonstrate that the project is commercially and technically viable, and requires no or only minimal grant funding. If your project currently receives grant funding or has done so in the past, that does not affect eligibility.

Application Directions

Register and submit your application online through the funding site.
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