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Building research partnerships to disseminate social innovation in health in low- and middle-income countries

Offered by WHO (World Health Organization) and United Nations Development Programme

The purpose of this call is to build upon the work of the SIHI research country hubs and support research institutions in other low- and middle-income countries to embed social innovation in their programmes. This will be done through creating research partnerships in low- and middle-income countries between (i) research institutions having the capacity and experience in advancing social innovation in health through advocacy, research and capacity strengthening and (ii) research institutions focusing on infectious diseases of poverty that are willing to engage and embed this approach in their organizations. These research partnerships will actively enhance and facilitate the networking, sharing and learning among SIHI partners.
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CLOSEDOct 11, 2019Deadline
$80,000 - $140,000Amount

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented In:
RegionLow and Middle Income Countries
Focus AreasHealth
1. Applicants are part of a partnership that may be established for this grant and that includes at least two universities or research institutes based in different countries in low- and middle-income countries. They will apply in collaboration with various health system actors as relevant.
2. South-South-North collaborations are encouraged. However, grant holders must be institutions in low- and middle-income countries .
3. Applicants demonstrate interest and commitment to promote and support social innovation in health through research and in collaboration with SIHI network.
4. At least one of the universities or research institutes has the capacity and experience to advance social innovation in health and the commitment to support other institutions to engage in and embed social innovation in their organizations and their country health systems.
5. At least one of the universities or research institutes is committed to engage and embed social innovation in their organizations and their country health systems; these institutions have a strong engagement in research for infectious diseases of poverty.
6. Support from government at appropriate level (e.g. letter of support), as relevant

Application Directions

This is a two-stage application procedure:
• Deadline for submission of Letters of Interest: 11 October 2019
• Development of full proposal for selected Letter of Interest applicants: Nov 2019
• Deadline for submission of full proposal: 30 November 2019

Download the Letter of Interest application form and email it to Dr Beatrice Halpaap halpaapb@who.int with a copy to Elisabetta Dessi dessie@who.int.


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