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Building Capacity for Non-Formal Education

Offered by U.S. Department of State

The Public Affairs Sections of the U.S. Consulate General Karachi (PAS Karachi) is pleased to announce an open competition for assistance award through this Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO), contingent on funding availability, through the Public Diplomacy Grants Program. The project set forth in this NOFO supports individual and institutional capacity-building in the non-formal education sector, informally known as “street schools”.

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CLOSEDApr 28, 2019Deadline
$20,000 - $35,000Amount

Mandatory Requirements

StageStage 4: Transition to Scale and Stage 5: Scaling
Implemented in:
Focus AreasNon-formal Education (OOS/ALP) (Education)

Various informal education sector entities known as “street schools” have recently opened in Pakistan to fill a niche that public schools are unable to fill. These schools target the poorest subsector of youth who beg for money instead of studying. Street schools currently pay youth to attend school to make up for the money they lose when they are not begging. Although these youth are getting access to minimal education, these schools do not provide much more to the students other than books and notebooks. This program aims to work with a minimum of five (5) street schools and bring at least thirty (30) students per school between 13 to 18 years old to Lincoln Corners at least once (1) per week for two to three hours sessions with facilitators – recruited and hired by the grantee – who will teach them to use computers and other technologies available at Lincoln Corners to add a skill development component to their extracurricular activities that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

Applicants should plan to conduct all activities in the relevant regional languages.

Submissions are encouraged from U.S. and Pakistani registered not-for-profit, civil society / nongovernmental organizations, and educational institutions. At least two (2) years of programming experience is preferred. Applicants are expected to document prior programming experience if selected under this NOFO, and a copy of the organization’s registration must accompany the proposal. U.S.-based non-profit organizations must provide a copy of their IRS determination letter. Pakistan-based non-profit organizations must submit a copy of their certificate of registration from the appropriate government organization

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