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Boosting Collective Action for Improved Water Quality

Offered by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

SDC is looking at supporting projects that tackle water quality-related challenges of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) by working towards reducing water pollution from industrial sources.
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CLOSEDJan 21, 2019Deadline
$1,512,525 - $2,016,700Amount

Mandatory Requirements

StageStage 4: Transition to Scale and Stage 5: Scaling
Implemented in:
Focus AreasWater Supply/Quality (Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH))

This objective is based on the following outcomes:

  • At regional level, sustainable water quality management of local industries is strengthened by developing and applying tools and processes for effective water stewardship within river basins at the regional or transboundary level.
  • At local level, the hazardous ecosystem of SMEs (industry-people-environment ecosystem) is improved by reducing business impacts on water and the environment.

Other Requirements

Management TeamIn case of a consortium, all members of the consortium must be legally based (headquarter) in LDCs or LMICs to possibly benefit from a contribution of up to 80% (co-financing).
Financial StatementsSDC’s contribution will cover a maximum of 50% (co-financing) of the total cost of each project phase. SDC’s contribution will cover a maximum of 50% (co-financing) of the total cost for each project phase. A contribution of up to a maximum of 80% (co-financing) may be considered for applicants legally based (headquarter) in least developed countries (LDCs) or LMICs.

Application Directions

The proposals have to be submitted by 21 January 2019 08:00 CET latest to the following email address: water@eda.admin.ch with the subject: Boosting collective action for improved water quality.


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