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Mowlem Fish and Allied Products Ltd is an investor-ready startup company which is currently under incubation at @iBizAfrica, Strathmore University. We are seeking to harvest fish from L. Turkana on a large scale. In the past three years, we managed to do our feasibility studies which involved purchasing, transportation and supplying of various consignments of Nile perch and Tilapia species, ranging between one and two tones from L. Turkana.

We have a budget of fifteen million shillings (US$ 150,000). This will go towards purchasing requisite machinery and equipment for fish capture, cold storage and transportation and distribution, and a small fish processing facility in Nairobi. We have obtained quotations for all the equipment and machinery that we will use in this venture.
The successful implementation of the Business Plan will see the venture operate on a monthly recurrent budget of about Kes.3.2M ($ 32,000) against monthly revenues in excess of Kes. 6M ($ 60,000). This will see the venture realize monthly net profits of at least Kes. 2.8M ($ 28,000).
We are looking for a strategic partner who will help bankroll the project on a mixed debt and equity basis that will see him/her recoup all the initial investment in just 18 months, thereafter enjoy a considerable stake in the company for an agreed period.
Given the opportunity, we will provide all the details of our company; our current status, Business Plan, Financial projections etc. Kindly see the attached documents for your perusal and most considered response.

We will be glad if you could invite us to give a face-to-face presentation of the whole project and answer any questions that you may have.

If for any reason you may not be able to come in, kindly refer us to members within your various circles who may be willing and able to.
We will be glad if you could join us to help us progress from this point.

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March 31st, 2018

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