Updated Aug 08, 2019CLOSED

Big Data for Development (BD4D) Innovation Challenge

as part of Next Einstein Forum and African Institute for Mathematical Sciences

The BD4D Innovation Challenge aims to support emerging young African data scientists to develop innovative solutions that leverage new and non-traditional sources of data to address development challenges.
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CLOSEDAug 21, 2019Deadline
Up to $10,000Amount

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented in:
Focus AreasYouth
Food Safety and Standards (Agriculture)
Social & Micro Finance (Economic Growth and Trade)
The BD4D Innovation Challenge is open to Applicants from member countries of the African Union. Applicants may be individuals or teams of individuals. Teams are encouraged to combine skills in data science and data engineering. Applicants are responsible for compliance with the legal requirements of their country.

Applicants must submit a solution to one of the 3 challenges:
Youth Employment
Financial Inclusion
Food security

Expected Submissions
SOLUTIONS: These are innovative big data-driven solutions that address one of the challenge statements presented in the BD4D Innovation Challenge. The submitting solutions should have been tested or validated at a basic level and demonstrate this through the submission form.

PROTOTYPES: These are innovative functional prototypes that are yet to be validated, and that address one of the challenge statements. Prototypes will be expected to justify the value of their concept through written documentation, supporting data, screenshots, videos or other relevant media files.

Application Directions

Applicants must use the online form to register and submit their application for the BD4D Innovation Challenge.
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