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APN Communication and Outreach Agenda

The mission of APN is to enable investigations of changes in the Earth’s life support systemsand their implications for sustainable development in the Asia-Pacific region through supportfor research and science-based response strategies and measures, effective linkages betweenscience and policy, and scientific capacity development. APN, therefore, supports investigationsthat will:Identify, explain, project and predict changes in the context of both natural and anthropogenic forcing;Assess potential regional and global vulnerability of natural and human systems; andContribute, from the science perspective, to the development of policy options forappropriate responses to global change and sustainable development.
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CLOSEDAug 16, 2019Deadline
Up to $5,000Amount

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented in:
CountryMongolia, Fiji, China, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Australia, United States, Russia, Philippines, New Zealand, Nepal, Malaysia, Laos, Japan, India, Bhutan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, South Korea and Pakistan
Focus AreasEnvironment
Economic Recovery (Humanitarian Assistance)
Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance
Disaster Risk Reduction (Humanitarian Assistance)
Economic Growth and Trade
The applicant must fulfill the following:
A national of an APN member country;
An early-career researcher, a journalist, or a science writer, who have less than ten years’ experience working in relevant fields, preferably with a proven track record in communicating scientific research;
Become the author of the proposed publication, and be the lead author, if the proposed publication is to be developed by multiple authors;
Demonstrated writing skills and ability to produce high quality written materials in English that can be readily interpreted by the non-science community.
APN project leaders or collaborators may apply for this grant. However, the publication must be based on one or more APN projects, and must not be limited to the projects that they have conducted (see Section 3 and Section 4 for details). Former participants of an APN-funded activity or project are also eligible and are encouraged to apply, assuming they meet the basic criteria.

Other Requirements

Financial Statements
Obligations of grant recipients include the submission of a financial report on the use of funds upon completion of the project.

Application Directions

All the required documents should be submitted to the APN Secretariat by email.


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