Updated Nov 15, 2019CLOSED

7th Edition of the SUEZ-Institute of France Awards

Offered by Fondation Suez

The SUEZ-Institut de France Award rewards projects and innovations that contribute to the development of water services, sanitation and waste management in developing countries.
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CLOSEDDec 15, 2019Deadline
From €500,000Amount

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented In:
RegionLow and Middle Income Countries
Focus AreasWater Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
Waste Management (Environment)
Objective: The project contributes to the improvement or development of water services, sanitation or waste management.
Implementation zone: The project concerns at least one developing country.
Progress: The project has already produced conclusive results through one or several significant pilot phases. The Award is not designed to finance a project idea or launch.
Replicability: The project is replicable (generalisation to different contexts, easy implementation, adapted costs, etc.); The project must be free of all rights or at least not subject to restrictive intellectual property rights.
Expertise: The applicant organisation and the team responsible for the project are recognised for their qualifications and experience.
Compliance of the form: Both application forms comply and is complete in form and content, the answers to the requested information are concise and clear, the presentation is clear etc.
Use of the Award: Both application forms must explain and describe the use that will be made of the Award fund in order to improve water services, sanitation or waste management in developing countries.
Innovative nature of the project and research: The Award rewards the achievement of applied research to develop an innovation. It is not designed to finance a “traditional” development project for which the Fondation and the Institut de France have other means of providing support (grants, patronage, etc.).

Application Directions

Submit application via email or through the mail to the address listed in the attached guidelines.


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