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2019 Round 1 Letter of Interest--Mid-Level Coalition

Offered by Disability Rights Fund

DRF supports projects that demonstrate a clear ability and commitment to contribute to the advancement of the human rights of persons with disabilities, including in national development processes. Cross-disability and other partnerships (including with other human rights organizations) in-country are strongly encouraged, as are projects which address grassroots (rural), emergent (newly established), and particularly marginalized sectors of the disability community.
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CLOSEDMar 22, 2019Deadline
$30,000 - $80,000Amount

Mandatory Requirements

StageStage 3: Proof of Concept and Stage 4: Transition to Scale
Implemented In:
CountryHaiti, Malawi, Nigeria, Indonesia and Myanmar
Focus AreasDisability
Policy and Regulation

The Mid-Level Coalition funding stream supports civil society coalitions at sub-national levels, to ensure that national legislation and policy is implemented at these levels, including through establishment of budgets. In addition, this funding stream supports sub-national level coalitions to advocate that sub-national development programs, policies and plans aiming to implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are inclusive of persons with disabilities and use the CRPD as a guideline.

Advocacy at sub-national levels is especially critical in federal systems and in decentralized political systems – which make up the majority of DRF’s target countries. Mid-Level Coalition grants enable grantees to collaborate at state (in a federal system), provincial, regional, or district levels.

Because of the importance of joint advocacy at this level, only coalitions of three or more organizations will be funded. Applicant organizations should be disabled persons organizations (DPOs), while partner organizations can be either DPOs or other civil society organizations active in the promotion of human rights

Application Directions

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