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2019 Calls for Proposals under CAPaBLE Programme

The mission of APN is to enable investigations of changes in the Earth’s life support systems and their implications for sustainable development in the Asia-Pacific region through support for research and science-based response strategies and measures, effective linkages between science and policy, and scientific capacity development. APN, therefore, supports investigations that will:
1. Identify, explain, project and predict changes in the context of natural and anthropogenic forcing;
2. Assess potential regional and global vulnerability of natural and human systems; and
3. Contribute, from the science perspective, to the development of policy options for appropriate
responses to global change and sustainable development.
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CLOSEDNov 10, 2019Deadline

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented In:
RegionAsia and Pacific
Focus AreasAgriculture
Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
APN is prepared to support activities in the area of global change and sustainability relevant to APN’s thematic areas that specifically target one (or more) of the themes under “HIGH PRIORITY THEMES FOR FUNDING” (see next section of attached guidelines, and see same document for outline of activities of interest).

Researchers, academics, practitioners working in institutions based in APN member or approved countries are eligible to apply for an APN grant. Details of eligibility criteria are outlined in the Guides for Proponents.

Application Directions

Summary Proposal should be submitted online.


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