Gramin Health CareUPDATED JAN 2021

        Gramin Health Care is working to institutionalize inclusive healthcare for rural India through an ecosystem approach. It combines technology with brick and mortar centres to create an asset-lean model in a hub and spoke setting.
        Health, Health Systems
        Health, Health SystemsSEE LESS

        Gradian Health SystemsUPDATED JAN 2021

        Gradian Health Systems combines a social mission with market forces to develop appropriate anesthesia and critical care medical technology, distribute and support it locally, and bring user-centric training to providers who operate it.
        Health, Health Systems, Maternal Newborn and Child Health and 1 moreSEE ALL
        Health, Health Systems, Maternal Newborn and Child Health, Workforce DevelopmentSEE LESS
        Guinea, Guatemala, Gabon and 24 moreSEE ALL
        Guinea, Guatemala, Gabon, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Botswana, Malawi, Rwanda, Niger, Liberia, Zambia, Benin, Uganda, Tanzania, Swaziland, Laos, Mozambique, Nepal, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Togo, Kenya, Haiti, Congo, Democratic Republic of the, Burkina Faso, Ghana, NicaraguaSEE LESS
        TO DATE$800,000 Funds Raised

        Global Fund Mass LLIN Campaign in Nigeria and The GambiaUPDATED JAN 2021

        Our innovation utilized digital tracking and monitoring all the way to the individual household level, which gave us real time visibility into program operations, bringing greater accountability and precision in mass bed net distribution campaigns that took place in Nigeria, The Gambia, and most recently, Benin.
        Digital Development, Infectious & Vector Diseases, Technology
        Digital Development, Infectious & Vector Diseases, TechnologySEE LESS
        Gambia, The, Nigeria, Benin
        Gambia, The, Nigeria, BeninSEE LESS

        Farm Radio InternationalUPDATED JAN 2021

        ICTs for amplifying dialogue and development
        Ghana, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso and 8 moreSEE ALL
        Ghana, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Malawi, Senegal, Nigeria, Mozambique, Mali, Kenya, Uganda, TanzaniaSEE LESS

        Everyone ForeverUPDATED JAN 2021

        Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
        Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)SEE LESS
        Bolivia, Guatemala, Nicaragua and 6 moreSEE ALL
        Bolivia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Peru, Uganda, Rwanda, Malawi, India, HondurasSEE LESS

        Dispensers for Safe WaterUPDATED JAN 2021

        A simple, cost-effective innovation providing millions of people in sub-Saharan Africa with access to safe water.
        Health, Sanitation, Social and Behavior Change and 1 moreSEE ALL
        Health, Sanitation, Social and Behavior Change, Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)SEE LESS
        Kenya, Malawi, Uganda
        Kenya, Malawi, UgandaSEE LESS
        TO DATE$9,366,557 Funds Raised

        Digital identity platform harnessing Blockchain and AI to transform access to social and financial services for the underservedUPDATED JAN 2021

        Serbia, Ireland, India and 6 moreSEE ALL
        Serbia, Ireland, India, Syria, Singapore, Tanzania, Indonesia, Philippines, LebanonSEE LESS

        CAMFED's Virtuous Spiral for Girls' Secondary School EducationUPDATED JAN 2021

        Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and 2 moreSEE ALL
        Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, GhanaSEE LESS

        CAD4TB: Artificial Intelligence software for tuberculosis detectionUPDATED JAN 2021

        CAD4TB (Computer Aided Detection for Tuberculosis) is an artificial intelligence software which analyses a digital chest X-ray image, and gives an indication if the subject on the image has active TB.
        AI, Infectious & Vector Diseases, Medical Devices and 1 moreSEE ALL
        AI, Infectious & Vector Diseases, Medical Devices, HealthSEE LESS
        Zambia, South Africa, Papua New Guinea and 26 moreSEE ALL
        Zambia, South Africa, Papua New Guinea, Malawi, Romania, Nepal, Swaziland, Sudan, Congo, Democratic Republic of the, Nigeria, Namibia, Mozambique, Liberia, India, Sierra Leone, Myanmar, Pakistan, Brazil, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Botswana, Philippines, Peru, Lesotho, Ghana, Georgia, Cameroon, Kenya, UgandaSEE LESS

        BURN Manufacturing Co.UPDATED JAN 2021

        BURN Manufacturing is the only vertically integrated modern cookstove company in Sub-Saharan Africa. The solar-powered facility currently has a capacity of 45,000 stoves per month and employs over 400 people, 60% of whom are women.
        Clean Cooking, Environment, Health and 3 moreSEE ALL
        Clean Cooking, Environment, Health, Clean Cooking, Economic Growth and Trade, EnergySEE LESS
        TO DATE$1,318,500 Funds Raised

        BRAC Ultra-Poor Graduation InitiativeUPDATED JAN 2021

        BRAC UPGI aims to scale Graduation through governments worldwide to help 21 million more people escape extreme poverty by 2026, integrating with existing programs and supporting policy change to better meet the needs of the poorest people.
        Economic Empowerment, Gender Equity, Mentoring/Coaching and 3 moreSEE ALL
        Economic Empowerment, Gender Equity, Mentoring/Coaching, Entrepreneurship, Leadership Development, ResilienceSEE LESS
        Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan and 10 moreSEE ALL
        Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan, South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Lesotho, Philippines, Egypt, Guinea, Zambia, Tunisia, LiberiaSEE LESS

        BioLite HomeStoveUPDATED JAN 2021

        A fan-assisted biomass stove that burns wood like gas, turns fire into electricity, and reduces smoke emissions by 90% and fuel consumption by 50% compared to traditional open-fire cooking.
        Economic Empowerment, Lighting, Post Harvest and 4 moreSEE ALL
        Economic Empowerment, Lighting, Post Harvest, Biomass/BioFuel, Distributed Generation Systems, Energy, Energy EfficiencySEE LESS
        India, Ghana, Uganda and 1 moreSEE ALL
        India, Ghana, Uganda, KenyaSEE LESS
        TO DATE$1,000,000 Funds Raised

        Big Bad Boo StudiosUPDATED JAN 2021

        Winner of the 2018 WISE Award, 1001 Nights uses cartoons to teach civic education and life skills to children in and out of school. 3rd party assessments have found 50-70% reductions in vulnerability and significant improvements in life skills.
        Gender-based Violence, Peace and Resilience, Soft or Life Skills
        Gender-based Violence, Peace and Resilience, Soft or Life SkillsSEE LESS

        askNivi: Using AI and behavioral science to help every person realize their own aspirations for healthUPDATED JAN 2021

        Nivi empowers individuals by delivering accurate, trusted, and timely health information, as well as referrals to health products and services, through conversations enhanced by artificial intelligence
        Agency, Health, Social and Behavior Change and 14 moreSEE ALL
        Agency, Health, Social and Behavior Change, AI, Communications and Media, Data/Analytics, Emerging Adulthood (20-24), Evidence & Impact, Gender, Gender Equity, Human Centered Design, Inclusion, Men and Boys, Menstrual Hygiene, Public-Private Partnerships, Technology, YouthSEE LESS
        Kenya, India
        Kenya, IndiaSEE LESS
        TO DATE$4,140,000 Funds Raised

        Amplio Talking BookUPDATED JAN 2021

        The Amplio Talking Book enables global partners to reach low-literate people in remote communities, share hours of audio content on demand, and collect usage data and user feedback.
        All Sectors, Communication with Communities, Digital Development and 11 moreSEE ALL
        All Sectors, Communication with Communities, Digital Development, Agriculture, Digital Inclusion & Connectivity, Education, Gender, Health, Human Centered Design, Parent & Family Engagement, Rule of Law and Human Rights, Social and Behavior Change, Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), YouthSEE LESS
        Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda and 6 moreSEE ALL
        Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Cameroon, Niger, Ethiopia, Somalia, Zambia, LiberiaSEE LESS

        Dytech Limited (Zamhives)UPDATED JAN 2021

        AgricultureSEE LESS
        ZambiaSEE LESS
        TO DATE$100,000 Funds Raised

        Help family members discover their talents in each discipline Genetics of success: New formula to predict an individual's likelihood of successUPDATED JAN 2021

        Have you ever wondered what would happen if we could predict what the future holds for us in a particular field, given our talent and the amount of effort we put into it? Then we can choose a better path and not waste our time and life in different ways. We all know that genetics and success are related, but to what extent? If genes affect success, then what role does effort play? Arian Akbari has answered these questions by designing a formula and equation called genetic success formula. by inserting a series of data in this formula, you can predict the approximate outcome of the future. But what is the basis of this formula? Every trait in humans has a part called genetic contribution called heritability. In short, the heritability of any particular trait determines the extent of the role of genetics in that trait. This means that the higher the heritability of a trait, the more meaningless your efforts will be! Yes,now you might wonder whether effort affects success? then what happens to "You can achieve anything with hard work" We ask Arian Akbari: would you say this saying is not true? the Answer is, it definitely isn’t, these are just motivational sentences which can actually ruin the lives of many. If you are not prone to a trait that is highly heritable, the effort will do nothing for you. Question : So where does effort work? Your effort only affects areas and traits that are less heritable. Scientists know that genes affect success, and I’m quite sure everyone knows that it's better for you to enter a field where you have a talent gene. So what new meaning does this formula convey? There is a point here! Your talent becomes more effective when a trait’s heritability is high which makes the role of effort less significant. someone with less talent can not reach you in that field even with more effort, but if you are prone to a trait with low heritability other people can easily eliminate the effect of your talent with more practice. Let me give you an example Suppose Jack has 50% susceptibility genes/predisposing genes in a specific trait we are going to call A, (such as singing), and in trait B (mathematics, for example), he has 30% susceptibility genes/predisposing genes. In which field do you think he has the best chance of success? You might say singing. but no. This is the distinguishing point of this formula. According to this formula, with the same amount of effort in both fields, Jack will be more successful in B because it has less heritability and the amount of effort can change the course of things. Let's take a look at the components of this formula. COE=EU *ER ý‏COS = COE + (APG*h2 ) ý‏DOS=CS +[ (COS - RFE /t/year) ]*RFE*100 ý‏COE= Coefficient of effort ý‏EF=effort unit ý‏ER=environment role ý‏COC= Coefficient of change ý‏APG= amount of predisposing gene ý‏h2=heritablity ý‏DOS=Degree of success ý‏CS= Current situation ý‏RFE= Remaining to the world fullest extent What is the COE? Coefficient of effort. Includes EU (effort unit) multiplied by the ER (environment role). The coefficient of change equals the coefficient of effort plus the multiplication of the susceptibility genes/predisposing genes by heritability(h2). We should also remember the extent of the role of heritability and environment role have an inverse relationship. APG is the amount of a person's susceptibility genes/predisposing genes that can be determined through DNA sequencing analysis or depending on the field in question through special tests. h2 is the heritability of any trait, the number is rapidly becoming more and more precise through QTL mapping. The more precise the number the more accurate the formula. These numbers are the result of QTL studies and tools and methods such as GWA (genome wide association) analysis that examine different variants of genes affecting traits. In this formula DOS is the degree of success which equals one’s current situation plus the coefficient of the result of subtraction of the coefficient of change from the ultimate possibility of success in that field, per year. Let me give you an example Suppose a particular trait, such as singing, has an 90% heritability (these numbers are approximate). In this case, the environment role is 10%. A person possesses 90% singing genes and does not have much practice and his current situation is 0.8 the output of this formula for him is 0.96 It’d be difficult for an ordinary person who possesses 50% of the genes to compete with this person. he reaches 0.7 with the same amount of effort. You might suggest he can reach that person with more effort. Let's set the EU number to the highest possible number, which is 1 to see what happens. Yes, you can see that even if he tries with all his might, it still wouldn’t change much and he will not succeed. so the effort alone is not important. Also, your efforts and genes are not enough either, in addition to that, the heritability of each trait must be considered separately. Therefore you can not do whatever you want with effort! Another example If the heritability of a trait is low, say 20%. then, person A with 90% susceptibility genes/predisposing genes without much training will have the score of 0.6 And an ordinary person who has 50% susceptibility genes/predisposing genes can compensate with more practice! Was that interesting? This is a logical relationship, and this formula has the potential to evolve in the future, this balance can provide a logical relationship between genetics and success. Arian Akbari is an iranian geneticist who started teaching genetics as a free course since he was 19 years old. Now at 37 he has been teaching genetics at undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels for 18 years. He says he came up with the idea of this formula while he was teaching genetics. He hopes he can have the opportunity to expand this formula. in the near future, people will be able to have a more lucid image of their future and they will realize how their efforts can be a factor in success. The time of millions and billions of people would no longer be wasted and people would be able to choose the right path for themselves. so far, This has been a simple and comprehensible explanation of this formula.
        Maternal Newborn and Child Health
        Maternal Newborn and Child HealthSEE LESS
        United States, Iran
        United States, IranSEE LESS
        TO DATE$187,500 Funds Raised

        Beacon Emergency Dispatch PlatformUPDATED JAN 2021

        Text message-based emergency medical dispatching for resource-limited settings and austere environments ("911 where there is none")
        Disaster Risk Reduction, Health, Response Technologies and 4 moreSEE ALL
        Disaster Risk Reduction, Health, Response Technologies, Community Transport Models, GIS/Mapping, Gender-based Violence, SecuritySEE LESS
        Dominican Republic, Tanzania, Argentina and 8 moreSEE ALL
        Dominican Republic, Tanzania, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, United States, Guatemala, Malawi, Haiti, EcuadorSEE LESS
        TO DATE$575,000 Funds Raised

        Developing and Testing Motherly: An Automated Gamified Smartphone Application to Promote Young Mothers' Mental HealthUPDATED JAN 2021

        Mental Health
        Mental HealthSEE LESS
        Brazil, Iran
        Brazil, IranSEE LESS
        TO DATE$62,498 Funds Raised

        Dual Accelerated Learning programUPDATED JAN 2021

        NRC employs an innovative family-centered approach, creating education opportunities for vulnerable Afghan women, men, girls & boys in Iran.
        Literacy, Teacher Development and Training
        Literacy, Teacher Development and TrainingSEE LESS

        Obstetric Fistula Repair and Care ProjectUPDATED DEC 2020

        HealthSEE LESS

        Ultra-Sensitive Reconstituted-Collagen CondomUPDATED DEC 2020

        HealthSEE LESS
        United States
        United StatesSEE LESS
        TO DATE$100,000 Funds Raised

        Agriworks UgandaUPDATED DEC 2020

        Irrigation For Hire for African Smallholders
        Climate Change and Resilience, Technology, Agriculture and 2 moreSEE ALL
        Climate Change and Resilience, Technology, Agriculture, Economic Growth and Trade, ResilienceSEE LESS
        UgandaSEE LESS
        TO DATE$142,516 Funds Raised

        Test At Home UPDATED DEC 2020

        Flavoured stimulated oral fluids (salival, ginigivial cervicular fluid and oral mucusoal transudate) collection and biomarker detection technology aka 'Lollipop, chewing gum and tooth burush' technology that detects and changes color depending on biomarker detected. Proprietary techniques from fluidics, ergonomics, and mastication biomechanics
        HealthSEE LESS

        High-quality, affordable health care facilitiesUPDATED DEC 2020

        As a U.S.-based nonprofit, we fill the gaps left by governmental, temporary, and narrowly-focused healthcare efforts by building affordable and accessible healthcare facilities that provide a full scope of medical services.
        Infectious & Vector Diseases, Non-communicable Diseases, Primary Care
        Infectious & Vector Diseases, Non-communicable Diseases, Primary CareSEE LESS
        Uganda, Nicaragua, Honduras
        Uganda, Nicaragua, HondurasSEE LESS