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GIE Insights' goal is to shed light on the data and insights that our platform is able to aggregate as a meeting point for funders, social entrepreneurs, and ecosystem supporters. Learn more about how you and your organization can tap into GIE Insights below.

Use the power of GIE’s robust database of global development innovation and funding to understand trends, gaps, and opportunities within sectors, geographies, and stages of innovation. Find the information you're looking for and much more in minutes, not days.


With an ever growing number of data sources, partnerships, and direct updates from social entrepreneurs, you (or we!) can build a comprehensive picture of the global development innovation ecosystem. We can analyze the innovation landscape by sector, geography, funder, and much more!

Looking to get into the details? With GIE you can gather the information you need to do your job, run your call for innovations, or find that answer you have been searching for about global development innovations and funding.

Have Questions about Global Development Innovations? 
GIE’s data about innovations and funding is aggregated to help the entire ecosystem by bringing transparency into trends, gaps and opportunities across the entire global development innovation ecosystem. Enabling us to answer pertinent questions such as: 
  1. What percentage of funded innovations in [insert your country of interest] are “home-grown”? 
  2. How many funding opportunities are looking to fund [insert your focus area] innovations? And which funders have made the largest investment in that focus area? 
  3. Which stage are open calls for innovations most frequently looking to fund? 
  4. Which sectors have the most innovations? 
  5. Which funders have made the highest number of investments in innovations?

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